Bovada LogoWhen it comes to online poker promotions, sometimes cash is not enough to grab the attention of some people. While the allure of big money poker tournaments will always be enough to get people interested in what a site has to offer, there should be more on offer. Some players view their poker play as a way to have fun and this is where prizes that represent something that people would love to have but would struggle to justify the expenditure for can make all the difference. With this in mind, it is easy to see a 52” TV would be a brilliant prize for a lot of poker players. This is something that Bovada Poker understands and they are keen to help players reach out for this excellent prize. All in all, there will be four lucky winners who get their hands on this massive TV.

This is all part of a four week promotion that Bovada Poker is running and it is easy to see why the Bovada USA Poker players are amongst the most fortunate and the happiest of all US online poker players. This promotion sees a bundle of cash awards up for grabs but players will also get the chance to play for the TV screen that will transform their home or their home life.

January is a time to hunt out poker value

When most people look to take things quieter in January, it was notable that Bovada was upping their game. The site set about hosting a four week poker promotion and it is through the collecting of Poker Points that players get the chance to work their way up to big rewards.

Given the fact that there is a focus on the big screen TVs, it is perhaps no surprise that Bovada Poker is looking to draw attention to it. The promotion is called “The Big Picture” and players will have the chance to collect $120 in cash bonuses over the duration of the tournaments. Players earn points when they contribute to the rake for cash game tables or when they pay a fee to enter the Sit N Go or multi-table tournament games. It is important to note that the Player Points are provided to players on a sliding scale for the cash game tables and there is a rate of three points awarded for every $1 that is spent on tournament entry fees.

Plenty of poker cash bonuses on offer

PromotionsIf a player earns 75 player points, they will be entitled to receive a $10 cash bonus. A player that picks up 150 points gets to earn $20 in cash bonuses and a player that earns 200 points will receive a $30 cash bonus. For every bonus level a player attains, they will receive an entry in the prize draw for the big TV. If you already have a massive TV or you find that TV is a corrupting influence, you can opt to receive $1,000 in Bovada USA Poker bonuses.

He first week of the promotion is already behind us but the second week is in full swing. The dates for the second week run from Monday the 13th to Sunday the 19th of January. The third week of promotion runs from Monday the 20th of January and it runs until Sunday the 26th of January. The fourth and final week of the promotion starts on Monday the 27th of January and it comes to a halt on Sunday the 2nd of February. The big prize draw takes place on the Monday following that week’s promotional run.


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