Playing on the Button

Playing on the Button

The button, (the dealer chip) is the position on the table from which you have the best advantage when you play poker. From here you have the chance to see how players before you are going to play their hand and make a decision on how you should play yours. This is a fantastic advantage, which if played right, gives you the best opportunity for the most effective bluffs.

When you are sitting on the button, it is time to play poker hands you would not even consider from other positions on the table. Suited connectors have almost as good a chance of winning as a couple of face cards in the hole. They key to playing the button is to watch your opponents. If you have been on the table awhile, you should already have a good idea of how they play poker. So you should be able to have at least a vague idea of just how strong their hand is by how they play it. This is when bluffing can be the most effective, not to mention profitable.

Real Life Example

You are on the button with 5-7 suited diamonds. Unless you play poker just to gamble, you would probably just fold this hand pre-flop from early or middle position, and you would be right to do so. However, now you’re at the end of the line, only two people have entered the pot before you with a standard raise and a smooth call… so you decide to play poker and call with your suited one-offs. Both of the players on the blinds fold. The flop comes out 6, J, 2 rainbow. Now anybody that plays poker could tell you, your hand is not looking so good. The bets go around and both players in front of you check. Guess what… this is probably your pot. Throw out a bet. Chances are both players will fold. Of course, one or both of them may smooth call, depending on your bet, but because they checked at first, they let you know that their hands aren’t that good.

This is a great example of how you can win by executing proper poker betting rules, and playing position correctly when you play poker. Don’t let your hand be the only deciding factor in how you play poker. Play the position too and maximize your winnings.


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