Carbon Poker BonusIf you have been spending time looking at online poker sites in order to find out which one is best for you, you will likely have heard some names being repeated. Even though there are a great number of online poker sites to choose from, some will manage to stand out from the rest of the pack and these are the ones that you should seriously consider joining. The Carbon Poker site is one that many people are happy to recommend and there are a number of incentives that could you help make your mind up over whether this site is the one for you.

First impressions count in poker

It has to be said that the Carbon Poker bonus is a welcome one for any poker player. Getting your hands on a 150% matched bonus up to $750 is a good place to start and should help you make the most of your initial time on a site. First impressions can count for a lot so it is good to be able to see as much of the site as possible with your first deposit.  A good poker site that believes in what it offers to players will give a generous welcome bonus because they are convinced that players will come back on a regular basis when they see what is available.

Keep coming back for more

A welcome bonus can be of benefit to poker players but some players are more interested in the longer term bonuses on offer. This also makes sense because if a poker site wants you to come back on a regular basis, they should be working hard to make this an attractive proposition. Being able to use a Carbon Poker bonus code to get a $35 cash back offer every time you deposit is definitely something that makes Carbon Poker a little bit different from the many poker sites that are out there. Knowing that every time you make a deposit and play that you will be rewarded can help players to feel as though they are wanted by an online poker site.

Another bonus for players from the Carbon Poker site may lie in the fact that there are a number of freeroll tournaments to enjoy. If you make a deposit in a two week period, you will be able to gain entry to a great number of tournaments without having to spend any more money. The cash prizes in these events are only for the first two or three players so it may be hard to win money but you can gain valuable experience. Also, if you just enjoy the thrill of poker tournament play and taking on your opponent, these freeroll tournaments will provide you with a great deal of fun without having to spend too much money.

There are more than enough high quality poker games and tournaments on the Carbon Poker site (for more info please read our article about the Merge Poker Network) to make this a main player in your online poker portfolio but the bonus and promotions on offer may turn this site into your number one poker choice.


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