US Poker MarketAmerica, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Apart from the fact that for a good number of years players were not free to play online poker and you had to be pretty brave to do so. After the Black Friday escapade, poker shut down for many US players, causing professionals to flee the country and leaving many amateurs turning their back on the game. It was a sad time for poker players around the world but it needs to be said that things are starting to turn back in the right direction. It is not as though things are perfect for US poker players these days but things are definitely a whole lot better than what they were.

This can be seen in the fact that there are more and more sites offering options for US poker players. It used to be you would struggle to find sites or networks who would allow US based poker players to sign up but that is no longer the case. The deposit methods available for US poker players may not be at the level that poker players around the world experience but again, compared to a few years ago, things are definitely on the up. Knowing that there is an opportunity for players to pay via their credit card, by an online deposit or even through various transfer or even Western Union style deposits, it has to be said that things are simpler for US poker players than they have been for a good while. In the grand scheme of things, poker play in the US is moving in the right direction.

Poker is moving in the right direction in the US

There is legislative change taking place in the US that is helping to open up the poker community. People are realising that poker play is no longer a big taboo in the US, which has to be a positive thing. Work undertaken by poker sites like Anonymous Poker is helping US based poker players to get online and play the poker games that they want. This is only going to be of benefit to the US and to the worldwide poker playing community. Poker players in Europe, the UK and Asia want to play against the best, which means that they are desperate for US poker players to be allowed back onto the top poker networks.

There is also the fact that the more US friendly poker sites emerge, the more options players will have. Different people access poker sites at different times, which means that having more global poker options has to be a good thing. Prime poker time in the US may be early in the morning in the UK but what about the UK worker that comes off night-shift? They are going to delighted at the emergence of the US poker market as this will provide them with the chance to play more and make the most of their free time.


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