Party PokerWhat’s one of the biggest things about playing online poker?  Think about it – when you’re looking for an online poker room, what is it that you want to know about first? Chances are, it’s not the payment methods that you’re most concerned with.  It’s probably more to do with the promotions and bonuses that a poker room offers.  Party Poker has more promotions and bonuses than other sites, so you can start playing – and enjoying more benefits than you might have thought possible.

Seasonal promos

If you’ve been playing online poker for a while, it’s likely that you know about the way that online poker rooms will offer seasonal promotions.  Maybe it’s a holiday tournament with a huge jackpot.   You get entered to play with every real cash game you play.  Maybe it’s a series of jackpots that you can enter to play in with a guaranteed jackpot – and potential big payout for you.

Party Poker offers VIP Winter Magic, which is full of sought after goodies for the most loyal players of the group.  You might also love the Aussie Millions promotion, which will give you a chance to play at this amazing tournament.

Promotions that run year round

Seasonal promotions are great, but if you’re one that wants to know about the promotions that are always running, then you’ll find that there are plenty for you to benefit from.  You can start easy, like with the refer-a-friend bonus.  This is a great way to boost your bankroll and it won’t matter if you’re winning or losing your games.

PromotionsOr, how about a sit n’ go steps challenge for a change?  This is fun because you step up the ladder as you continue to win.  It’s a great challenge and you can win big.  You can also play for a weekly $5,000 to help you boost your bankroll.

Bigger tournaments include a $300,000 guaranteed Sunday.  Forget about the family dinner and sit down to this tournament instead, because the jackpot is big – and you could win a piece of it.  Or, try one of the two million dollar tournaments.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a millionaire, this is your chance, so get some practice and get ready, because it’s almost time to play.

No matter what type of promotion you’re looking for, when you choose to play with Party Poker, you’re going to be able to enjoy lots of them.  Some are daily, some are going on weekly and some occur only a couple of times a year, but you’ll never have to wait for something big to enjoy.


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