Poker Bonus

Poker Bonus

With so many poker sites to choose from, it can be difficult for a poker site to stand out from the competition. Poker sites with a large advertising budget can create awareness about them whereas other sites may use a celebrity endorsement or trade on their corporate image. These are all good ways for a poker site to generate interest and draw in new members but it is easy to see that this option is not open for everyone. One way that many poker sites attempt to attract users to their site is through offering a poker bonus to new members.

The first aspect of the bonus allows the new member to get something for nothing and make them feel as though they are valued by the site. It used to be that a flat rate bonus or 100% welcome bonus was sufficient to attract customers but poker sites find themselves working harder than ever to attract new players. This means that poker bonuses reaching up to 200% or 300% are not uncommon, although a player may need to do some amount of searching to find these big bonuses.

Bonuses can bring out the quality of the games

A bonus is a great way for players to try all of the games on a site and develop an awareness of the site. If a poker site believes that their games are great and provide an excellent gaming opportunity for players, it makes perfect sense to offer bonuses which allow players to try the games. If the games are of a good value, the more a player plays them, the more their qualities will come through. Proving a good bonus will allow a player to get comfortable on a poker site, which could lead to a long term relationship building.

Innovation can be key when providing a bonus

Of course, with so many sites offering a welcome poker bonus based upon the initial deposit, it can be good for a site to try other innovative ways of attracting attention and offering bonuses. Offering free spins, providing bonuses based on how often games are played or providing tournaments and events specifically for new players are all great ways for poker sites to draw attention to themselves and get new members interested in their site.

In addition to offering these bonuses to new members, many sites will offer bonuses to existing members. After all, with so many poker sites providing great welcome bonuses, it would be easy for players to sign up for a site, get the best welcome bonuses and then move on to another site and receive their welcome bonuses. Providing bonuses for reloading deposits, regular play and getting involved in tournaments is a way for a poker site to reward the people who have already signed up for their site.

Retaining members is just as important as gaining new ones and this is where clever bonuses can keep people coming back for more.


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