Poker Betting BonusesWith so many poker sites to choose from, it can be difficult for a poker player to know which one is right for them. The poker betting bonus is a good incentive for some sites to offer to players but they have to provide a lot more to keep people coming back to their site on a regular basis.

Playing online poker tournaments for real money is a great way to win some cash but also to see how well your skills match up against other players. There is a different edger to poker tournaments with many players bringing a sharper focus to their game than they do at other times. The thrill of the competition, the acclaim that goes with a big win and the jackpot prize are all major reasons why people looking forward to online poker tournaments for real money and why they are so keen to get involved with them.

Playing for big money is always a big draw

This is why so many online poker sites provide online poker tournaments for real money, as it is a huge incentive for many players. All sites will provide a poker betting bonus for new members but if every site does this, where is the advantage for a site to have?

Poker TournamentsThe welcome poker betting bonus is only the first step in promotions that an online poker site has to offer to entice players onto the site and more importantly, keep them there. After all, there is nothing to stop a player from signing up for a welcome bonus, enjoying a few games, let their money wind down and then move on to the next poker site that is offering a betting bonus.

Member retention is crucial for poker sites

Online poker sites know that retention of customers is as important as enticing new members to join, which is why they have to seriously consider what bonuses they offer to players. As stated, with every online poker site offering some form of welcome bonus, there is nothing to differentiate between sites in this regard. Sites that reward loyalty, frequent use or regular deposit are ones that are more likely to have poker players returning for more.

Providing online poker tournaments for real money is a great way for poker sites to encourage players to keep playing on site and to develop a comfort and awareness of games on the site. Regular play will help a player feel confident in winning these tournaments, allowing them to grab the acclaim from other players and the big cash prize.


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